From Data Collection to Prototype to Interactive Tool: Adding a Gender View to the Linked Jazz Visualization

In an earlier blogpost, I discussed my work with Linked Jazz to enrich the Linked Jazz dataset of names with a gender attribute through automated means by querying linked data resources. The main section of that blogpost described visualizing the results of the work using Gephi. This blogpost describes the methods used to translate the Gephi prototype into a new gender view that can be easily integrated with the existing Linked Jazz platform.


Korea Missionary Sites

This project uses place names extracted from the inventory of an archival collection to visualize the geographic locations of one branch of the United States Presbyterian missionary movement in 19th century Korea. Because of the time period and geography of...


Locating Displacement Hot Spots in NYC

Whether driven out by rent increases or searching for larger apartments, New Yorkers vacating their apartments don’t seem to be able to afford to stay in their own neighborhoods anymore. Luxury high-rise development and unit deregulation are just two of the many factors contributing to this problem. As more people leave and a new class of tenants arrive, neighborhoods can suddenly become unfamiliar.

final map_edited

Mapping NYC Landmarks and Hotels

Introduction My intention during this lab exercise was to see how hotels and landmarks are present together in New York City, and to find out how these two kinds of establishments could be represented in a map. I expected most...

Portrait of Charles Hodge

Charles Hodge Ego Network

Charles Hodge (1797-1878) was professor at Princeton Theological Seminary from 1820 until his death in 1878.  With a tenure of more than 40 years, Hodge’s leadership coincided with the height of the American Civil War, 1861-1865. He examined and wrote...


Karate Club Participants

Gephi1 Gephi2 The topic and purpose of Gephi is to match actors and events in a way that establishes or uncovers the strength and value of the relationships between them. Creating a network diagram with Gephi is a particular step-by-step...